Bloggers at Balzac


Had the hugely enjoyable experience of lunch with Dina Mehta, Flemming Funch and Julie Solheim-Roe. I can report another positive example of the transfer of blog-affinity into energy-filled real-life conversations – we ploughed straight in to a whole range of topics, including:

  • Do the bloggers we gravitate to have similar values?

  • The importance of “abundance” thinking in stimulating the open sharing of ideas

  • The way in which young Indians are completely immersed in SMS and IM, email isn’t relevant

  • Online journals and the growing emotional openness of young men

  • Different approaches to blog writing

  • Blog writing as meditation

  • Paradigm shifts in the way people inter-relate, including the growth of EBay based businesses

  • How do we get senior generalist managers to engage with online /community software in large organisations?

In summary – a hugely enjoyable and stimulating couple of hours!

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