Reed’s law in several places #

It is the nature of mind to filter experience through the most recent or most strongly held concepts.

No wonder then that after (finally) coming across “Reed’s Law”: thanks to “this”: thought-provoking article by “Robert Paterson”: I shortly noticed these two:

  • Adina Levin in “describing”: the recent “experiments”: to test Wikipedia’s resilience spots that the real power of Wikipedia’s “defensive techniques”: lies in the effect they have of turning the site into a warren of virtual neighborhoods

  • In [bliki]Building Public Value[/bliki] the “BBC”: is seeking to link its strategy with the greater public good in support of the argument for Charter Renewal. A lot of the BBC document talks about the power of that unique organisation to build a sense of community amongst various parts of the British population (an example of an activity that specifically stimulates group-forming would be “iCan”: Could this strategic direction be the best example yet of a broadcast-based organisation learning to tap the power of “Reed’s Law”: ??

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