New Gym, New Start

Over the years I’ve been an intermittent visitor to the halls of fitness.

From a peak in my mid-twenties when I did a lot of cycling (including a season of pretending to race!) it’s been something of a long-term decline over the last two decades, punctuated by occasional interludes of pushing back up the hill for a while.

Earlier this year, incentivised by our impending wedding, my partner and I threw ourselves into a six-week gym intensive, complete with personal trainer assistance. It was enough to make a tangible, and visible, difference, and more importantly to re-assure us that we could still do something effective for our fitness.

Enough so that it was high on our agenda to find a new gym when we recently moved house. Today (Saturday) was my first visit to the new gym – a relatively low-key workout because of that “getting back after a month away” feeling, combined with a lack of familiarity with the layout and the specific machines.

The gym seems much better equipped than the one we were using previously, and I’m keen to take advantage of it and make the most of this opportunity. Conscious that without the ready-made goal and deadline we had pre-wedding it will be too easy to drift, I can see that this time I need to make an effort to put some structure around my fitness activities.

Taking a lead from David Seah (and probably a million or so other bloggers) I’m going to explore how I can use this space as a way of encouraging myself through reflection and goal-setting.

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