Web 2.0 and Beyond: A Whistlestop Tour Round Web Marketing 2.0

I’m at Web 2.0 and Beyond – Applying Social and Collaborative Tools To Business .

Case Study: A Whistlestop Tour Round Web Marketing 2.0

Will Wynne, ArenaFlowers.com

“Old” web marketing – paid search, natural search, retention marketing, PR, Affiliate Marketing, Comparison Shopping, Conversion Rate. Cost, Competition, Risk, Growth, SEO Optimised page <> Friendly page.

Using social media – video

Host clip of a BBC story, “About Arena” video, Show the team, shows that they do their own flowers, used for job ads, embedded in eBay listing using <www.vzaar.com>, total views 5k. Blog alongside the main site – good google juice, good for morale, human face to business, 4 times the £/page of rest of site. Fun app on Facebook sending virtual versions of the products and sending traffic to main site.

Backend systems are all web-based, faster to change, cheaper to deploy.

Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change