How simple is “simple enough”?

Or “Simplifying an ‘architecture framework’ for agile strategy”

How often have you faced the situation where you need to get something done, and you know there’s all sorts of advice and guidance available, but you only have a limited time to implement something?

My current challenge is to relatively rapidly put together some strategic roadmaps for the systems in a business area.

In the past I’ve spent a very small amount of time studying TOGAF, just enough to appreciate the coverage of the model and to feel overwhelmed by the amount of material and unfamiliar language.

My current feeling is that it could serve as a guide for the piece of work I need to do, but I need to find a lightweight way through it.

Apologies in advance to all the experts out there, but I think the gist of what it says is:

  • Agree the objectives of the piece of work
  • Review the business environment and understand the drivers for change
  • Sketch out some possible changes to the business environment (e.g. process changes)
  • Review the impact on the systems and data, and sketch out some possible changes.
  • Review the impact on the technology, and sketch out some possible changes.
  • Decide on some interventions on all three levels that will address the drivers for change
  • Do some of them
  • Review and repeat as necessary

Seems logical, I’ll see how it goes – and if this is something you specialise in let me know if I’m missing something!

Proactive application of technology to business

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