Iceberg – the security model #

I’m trying out Iceberg, the workflow automation platform. In previous posts I described adding some basic forms, views and processes in the context of a sample application.

Today I’ve been experimenting with the security model. It seems both complex and powerful, with the downside that the online help seems to be only 25% populated in this area. Here’s what I’ve been able to work out:

Access Control lists (ACL) – every object (optionally) has an ACL which can control Browse, Read, Write, Delete, Change Owner and Change Permissions rights. A user can be associated with a given ACL by means of direct allocation or via allocation of a relevant Groups, Role or Profile.

Groups – A way of aggregating Users, other Groups, Roles or Profiles

Roles – an application-specific way of assigning rights to forms, views, lists, tabs, controls and actions – it seems this is the main way to customise the look and feel of Iceberg based on user login. Strangely you can only assign Users to a Role, not Groups.

Profiles – are associated with a specific object, and seem to be a way of controlling what lists of related objects a user can see when looking at a specific object form. What I can’t find is how you assign someone to a profile!

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