Notes on 'How to Build Your Personal Learning Plan' #

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Helen Blunden ran a session on How to Build Your Personal Learning Plan


Here are my rough notes and links to resources that Helen mentions:

  • modelling based on most interesting project you have learned from - apply those ways of learning to your work
  • think about filtering content you find using hashtags - in other words the early beginnings of establishing your own trusted sources
  • the things we learned at school and university are often not used at all, and when they are the knowledge becomes obsolete more and more quickly - see Buckminster Fuller Knowledge Doubling (as augmented by IBM), see Half Life of Facts
  • learning through connections and networks - see Microsoft “Where Work Gets Done), see Harold Jarche PKM
  • Create personal learning plan (Helen’s approach, this bit mostly in her words)
    • what’s the problem
    • what do you need to achieve? (visualise this - make a rich picture)
    • who can help? build a personal learning network, identify trusted sources (cf Jarche seek-sense-share), use tools to help, online communities, twitter lists, look at who in your workplace
    • what tools and resources do you have access to?
      • online courses and sources
      • curation tools
    • is it safe to learn? (at work) - culture, support, how can you incorporate your learning into a work project?
    • what can I test on?
    • how do you know you are on track? (feedback)
    • how do I create meaning and relevancy? ( Sensemaking, reflection, examples of vlogging, blogging, wakelet)
    • where can I apply the learning?
    • who else needs to know? / how can I help others? (Share)
    • how do I record what I learned? (build a portfolio - and make this independent of your employer)
  • make a plan - use template?


To which I will add this as one of the best short articles on knowledge decay:

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