Where to intervene in a system

Developer.* has published Places To Intervene In a System by the late Donella Meadows, with an afterword by Don Gray applying the thinking to software devleopment. Thought-provoking stuff – Meadows herself cautions that the essay is not a recipe for finding leverage points. Rather it’s an invitation to think more broadly about system change.

In summary (original numbering scheme!), places to think about intervening:

  1. Numbers

  2. Material stocks and flows

  3. Regulating negative feedback loops

  4. Driving positive feedback loops

  5. Information flows

  6. The rules of the system

  7. The power of self-organisation

  8. The goals of the system

  9. The paradigm or mindset out of which the goals, rules and feedback structure arose.

[ via Johanna Rothman]

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