Some miscellaneous stuff

This place has been looking rather dormant – and I realised that I was sinking into a negative loop – the longer I didn’t write here, the harder it seemed to start. So consider this a metaphorical “get in there and do something”…

It’s not that I’ve not been busy – but a lot of that has been the sort of things I don’t write here (details of work stuff, and family life etc.) – and the things of which I might write have seemed so absorbing at the time that writing has not been on the agenda.

One thing that has been taking up a bit of time is a programming project to provide a web remote control to ITunes – [bliki]WebTunes[/bliki]. Unfortunately not much further than a proof of concept (spare time programming with something as complex as .Net is far from efficient!), but I might post some code if anyone is interested.

The other thing that has led to a few late nights is “looking for dead people” as someone described it – a resurgent interest in some family history research. I’ve fairly reliably traced my paternal line (Elve) back to the early 1800’s, and one of my mother’s ancestors ( Micklewright) back to about 1820. There are significantly more sources online than when I last looked at this about five years ago, but again I’m coming to the point where I can see a need to track down some primary sources – and that was where I lost steam before!

A few online resources that I have found useful in different ways:, Genes Reunited and

I shall stop now whilst I’m ahead.

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