No more Sources page

I’ve decided to retire the “Sources” page I put in place when I moved my blogroll off the front page.

Although the page was dynamically updated by my then feed-reader (Bloglines), my account on there has lain dormant for some time, so the page has long-since ceased to be a current indication of the sources I refer to.

My feed-reader of choice, (or perhaps “information aggregator” would be a better name) is Awasu, and although it would be fairly easy to export an OPML of my current reading and upload it somewhere on this blog, I’m not sure that it is worth the effort.

I’m well aware that the chances of anyone getting an ego-hit from being listed on my blogroll are pretty small. Equally I’m not convinced that there is much value added by publishing a list of the feeds I read, and to automatically publish anything else is a lot of work.

I’ll continue to name-check sources when I write a post, and through the use of via: tags in postings.

Serendipitously, I notice that a much-more-famous-than-I blogger has been having similar thoughts

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