Web 2.0: Deploying, measuring and succeeding with Social Software

I’m at Web 2.0 and Beyond – Applying Social and Collaborative Tools To Business .

Deploying, measuring and succeeding with Social Software

Ian McNairn, IBM SWG

What does success mean – critical mass? application use? customer delight? increased profit? in other words be clear what you want.

Know what to measure – communities and social networks are different things – determine the business outcome (look for linked indicators) – get clear about the changes you want to get – think about cause and effect. Just because it’s easy to measure, doesn’t mean it means anything…

Measure impact and usage – based on the business outcome. examples, Knowledge Currency, tagging, polls, linking, availability vs. time-to-complain

Pitfalls to avoid – don’t decide on metrics without thinking about context, don’t measure the past, beware “build it and they will come”, don’t try to boil the ocean, don’t expect all users to have equal understanding.

Deployment tricks to increase success – pre-populate with content, engage the members in interaction, on-demand in-context help, make enrollment easy, reward contributions by example.

Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change