Web 2.0: KM Goes Social: From KM 1.0 to KM 2.0

I’m at Web 2.0 and Beyond – Applying Social and Collaborative Tools To Business .

KM Goes Social: From KM 1.0 to KM 2.0

David Gurteen

Impact of social tools on Knowledge Management – growth of “KM 2.0”

Techno-centric KM (tools) vs People-Centric KM (attitudes, soft tools)

KM in the doldrums – over-promised, under-delivered in business terms

Social tools are fundamentally about sharing knowledge – personal/social KM! (but not usually coming from the KM community or tool vendors)

Everything is 2.0 now – i.e. participatory. Can be seen as disruptive and subversive.

Combine people-centric KM and social tools to form KM 2.0

Managing tacit knowledge

KM as part of everyday work (thinking out loud) rather than extra work.

Floor comment from Ian Hughes – the importance of allowing lurking as a way of building comfort.

Proactive application of technology to business

My interests include technology, personal knowledge management, social change