Roundup of links for Microsoft Power Platform Changes

Microsoft are introducing significant commercial and technical changes to Power Platform. This note summarises some relevant links


Current situation

Current Dynamics 365 licencing guide

Current Power Apps licencing summary and full guide

Entities which currently require Dynamics 365 licence

October 1st changes

Microsoft blog post on the October 1st changes

Slide deck from Inspire - Dynamics changes

Slide deck from Inspire - Power Platform changes

Updated Microsoft docs page on the changes

Informative blog from Jukka Niranen which in turn links to this conversation between Steve Mordue and Microsoft’s Charles Lamanna where Lamanna says (my emphasis):

So even in a Dynamics instance you can use the new per app per user license, that’s $10 for power apps, as long as you don’t use any of the restricted entities or any of the application IP, like a schedule board or something from field service. The piece of information that’s missing is that list of sales restricted entities as part of the new per app per user license, there’s a few more entities from sales that will be added to that list… I don’t have the exact list off the top of my head, but I mean the intent is exactly as you described with the list that we have. And that is to make sure that if you are using the dynamics for sales application IP, which has a whole giant engineering org working on it, then it’s only fair to pay Dynamics 365 for sales licenses or we’ll go purchase them. So it’s not going to be contact, but the ability to create an opportunity or manage opportunities, that probably should be restricted, if that makes sense

Unified Interface

Timeline to move to Unified Interface

Learn about the Unified Interface

Getting Started Unified Interface Playbook

Introduction to Unified Interface (video)

Unified Interface Transition white paper

Common Data Model

Background on Common Data Model

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