WeekNote 2020 W06

Is this a one-off uptick in focus hours?

An increase in focus hours at the same time as a reduction in total hours


Interesting data this week - although I logged fewer “at work” hours, the focus hours and focus percentage both increased.

PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W06
PomoDoneAnalysis week 2020-W06

Looking at the year to date the increase in focus percentage is striking.

Ratio of focus time to working time, 2020 weeks 1-6
Ratio of focus time to working time, 2020 weeks 1-6

Its tempting to speculate what may have led to this - I suspect it may because I knew at the start of the week that I might have less time available (due to an open-ended family commitment) and so perhaps that drove more focus in the time I was available. Doug Belshaw has expressed something similar:

There’s less slack time, which is a good thing as it means you’re laser-focused on what needs to be done, and intolerant of distraction.

It will be interesting to see what week 7 brings because I already know much of one day is taken up with an all-hands meeting.


Getting our services ready for the changes in handling of cookie SameSite options

More work with our sales, marketing and technical teams on improving the usefulness of customer journeys on the website.

Reviewing progress with the colleague responsible for ensuring our successful renewal of Cyber Essentials certification.

1:1 meetings with team members, in which I have started asking how do we learn on a daily basis? Early days on that one, curious to see where it might lead…

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