Code lessons I thought we had learned before

I thought we had learned these lessons before, but maybe not!

  • never assume that colleagues won’t try to do something that they think should work , just because we haven’t told them that the feature is available (or not) 😄

  • time spent writing good automated tests is rarely wasted - they are your saviour when you revisit code that you last looked at months previously and try to understand what that “cowboy builder” (your past self) did exactly!

  • if we have undeployed code hanging around for months it can be really hard to restart that feature quickly without errors constant interruptions and reprioritisations are a part of life so there is always a risk we won’t finish a feature in one go

  • we need to think more about how we break functionality up into smaller chunks that have value in their own right - anything that needs more than 3-5 days work before something can be released is too big

  • we need to consider some of the lessons from Trunk-Based Development - releasing new code into production but using things like feature-flags to disable it until it is ready - that way it should always be possible to pivot development to a new feature

#100DaysToOffload 5/100

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