I passed!
I’ve just heard from Pearce Mayfield that I have passed the Managing Successful Programmes practitioner qualification -although the result isn’t on the APMG/OGC site yet. #
MoD approach to Benefits Realisation Management
Relocated from MSP blog at Update 1: As Nick Spargo points out in the comments these links are now dead. If anyone can point to the modern equivalent, that would be appreciated. Update 2: Matthew Davis points to, but the specific link he posts is now dead. A series of documents from the UK Directorate for Defence Acquisition about Benefits Realisation Management BENEFITS REALISATION MANAGEMENT – “All you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask” [Word] Example benefits strategy [Word] Example of a populated benefits model [Powerpoint] Example of an initial benefits brief [Powerpoint] Example of analysis tools [Excel] Example of a benefits ranking model [Excel] Example of a Benefits Profile [Word] Example “Measures and Owners” brief [Powerpoint] Template for capturing measures and owners [Word] Simple Benefits Tracking Document [Word] Summary of Comments made on this post in original location #
Managing Successful Programmes Course
I spent last week on the Managing Successful Programmes course. The trainers were good, the group size was good (9 of us), and the other delegates were an interesting and friendly bunch from a range of industries. Between us we covered print, broadcast and online media, telecomms, manufacturing, software, and a couple of flavours of consultancy. I’d recommend this course to anyone who was interested in MSP – the training is well-adapted for adult learning, and has a clear emphasis on providing the skills to get through the exams. #