Managing Successful Programmes Course

I spent last week on the Managing Successful Programmes course.

The trainers were good, the group size was good (9 of us), and the other delegates were an interesting and friendly bunch from a range of industries. Between us we covered print, broadcast and online media, telecomms, manufacturing, software, and a couple of flavours of consultancy.

I’d recommend this course to anyone who was interested in MSP – the training is well-adapted for adult learning, and has a clear emphasis on providing the skills to get through the exams. It is however an intensive week – in particular on the first three evenings there was two to three hours of homework each night. The homework is framed as “optional”, but as a large part of it is practice in answering exam questions, I would imagine that it would be hard to get through the exams without doing the homework.

I managed to pass the Foundation exam without much difficulty, but I won’t know the result of the Intermediate and Practitioner papers for about 8 weeks – apparently the APMG examiners are over-worked at present!

The material is still very “close to me” in my mind, so too early to reflect properly on what I have learned.

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