Why Hugo?

Part 1 of Moving from WordPress to Hugo

I’ve been lucky with my WordPress installations - only a couple of malware infections in 15+ years. But the last one was extremely painful to fix - after I had re-installed every file in the deployment I finally found that the attack had manged to rewrite every post in the database with a link to an adware injector script.

Half a day of personal time to rebuild a site that I don’t want to close, but which hasn’t had a lot of use in the last couple of years, is just too much: the time had come!

This is not a novel idea - quite a few people have blogged 1 about moving off WordPress to static generators, especially Hugo.

For me the key benefits are:

  • much less vulnerable to malware
  • lower hosting costs for a faster site
  • simple text-editor creation of content
  • content in Git (the code always has been)
  • easy to keep multiple copies of content to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Hugo is fast to generate the site, and very simple (single executable)
  • free high-performance hosting from Netlify, GitHubPages and probably others
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