Weekend 'Gardens'

Recapturing the spirit of the web

The Garden metaphor is becoming embedded

The Garden Metaphor seems to have made it’s way into the Zeitgeist for a growing number of people.

Although there are many themes that some of us would recognise from the heady days of Blogwalk it’s exciting to see how a new generation of thinkers are building tools and recapturing the spirit of the web.

Via Ton Zjlstra I found Anne-Laure Le Cunff writing on You and Your Mind Garden, an approach that is clearly influenced by the Taking Smart Notes approach:

A mind garden is not a mind backyard. It’s not about dumping notes in there and forgetting about them. To tend to your garden, you need to plant new ideas. The best way to do this is by replanting stems and cuttings from existing ideas you’ve added to your garden—by consistently taking notes, and combining them together

Anne-Laure links to a colophon on how to build a digital garden with TiddlyWiki, and hosts her own digital garden.

Anne-Laure also links out to another group of people running with the digital garden metaphor (in part derived from tweet by Maggie Appleton):

For now I’m sticking with my approach using Federated Wiki, but there are always new perspectives to potentially incorporate into one’s practice.

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