Tools updates

I realised that I wasn’t going to have the time to both write my own theme that I liked and update the site content, and the ugliness of the part-built theme was putting me off using the site – so I’ve grabbed the new Twenty Seventeen theme, and will run with that…

Notwithstanding what I wrote about Breaking the Ubiquity of Stream Mode  I pretty much gave up on Smallest Federated Wiki  when I realised that Yahoo! Passport was going away. Now the software has been updated to use social logins I have revived it, and my copy is here.

I was hugely pleased when Mike Caulfield released his work on the Wikity theme to github, and I’m running an instance here.

Let’s see which of the two personal wiki tools gets most use!

Lastly, although I still have an instance of that gets  syndicated into the Work Notes section here, Dave Winer has given clear notice that it will cease to work in June due to Dropbox API deprecations. He does have a migration path for a self-hosted outliner using a combination of S3 storage via an API and the Little Outliner 2 tool, so a future project will be to set up a storage backend for that.




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