Commentary and links


a test note #


Created a new folder in Zotero for my anti-library #


Some uses for integration grab my annotations since last run, check convert to bookmark posts on blog ditto but post into markdown pages in garden search for annotations against my domain (once I enable it for and convert to incoming webmentions #


Enabling Teams Chat for your Dynamics 365 Marketing records - Useful pointer to how to configure the new service on other record types. #


GitHub - benjifs/micropub: Serverless Micropub and media endpoints to publish to static site - this looks like a pretty complete solution - should be able to adapt this to integrate micropub endpoints into this site #


My serverless, headless, Micropub-powered, personal website - Lots of ideas here, and a great example of how, in return for committing to the services from a specific cloud vendor, you can build some really smart application architecture. #